Late to the food coop but not without its benefits, I have a few bolts loose and get all screwed up, and some refinements occur to the DataTech modules.

Food coop

At the food coop this morning Chris and I ended up arriving late and didn’t manage to secure our usual spots. We’ll have to do something about that, and arrive a bit earlier at around twenty to ten instead.

As a result of being late I didn’t have much to do there, and ended up moving crates around as people needed them. A majority of the time though was spent just standing looking beautiful, at it is said. While doing so though I noticed

While standing around though I noticed a card game on their $2 table, called Quiddler. It’s one where you start with a small number of cards and try to form words, then for each round the numbers increase until you have up to ten cards in your hand. It looks to be an interesting variation of a word builder game.

Scooter maintenance

In the afternoon it was off out to get some maintenance done on the scooter. Over the past week I’ve been a bit wobbly on the corners, which had me wondering if it was something on the road or perhaps my sense of balance. Yesterday though I worked out the cause of the problem – the headset of the bike is loose, resulting in a several degrees of movement.

Since I had the bike in just the week before for its 1000 km checkup, I got in touch with someone at My Motus who said that it can be a common issue and to bring it in – they’ll get it sorted out, so it was a good chance to make further progress on the Boneshaker book. It didn’t seem to take that long to get sorted out and didn’t cost anything this time, other than petrol to get there and time waiting, so I’ll be looking in to doing it myself should the headset become loose again.

Refining modules

This evening I caught up with John about DataTech, before heading off to a D&D night. The DataTech modules that Christine Products are putting together are nearly identical. For example there is CP14SN and CP14SN. (with a fullstop). At first we thought that the multiple modules were to provide different pricings, but have since found out that ones with the fullstop have a few additions like having a customer sticker or branded wheels.

Since having just one module isn’t viable and the fullstop can be difficult for customers, renaming them so that the first two letters refer to the business they have special dealings with seems to be a viable solution instead, which should result in CP14SN and TW14SN.

After all that it was a good time to head off to the D&D night and blow off some steam by destroying denizens from other worlds.