A strange lady demands to volunteer at the community centre, improvements occur to a backup process, and blackjack becomes quite the hit tonight with some friends.

A strange old lady

Today at the community centre we had a strange old woman come in who’s not altogether there, being quite demanding about wanting to volunteer her help with the newsletters. She’s looking for activity to act as a distraction from other troubles in her life, so I’ll help out where I can.

The community newsletters have all been dealt with though, but fortunately we have several bags of clothing that need to be sorted through and organised, so she was able to spend a few happy hours puddling (Ed: yes it makes sense, see meaning 1.3 of puddle) over things there.

I’ll raise the issue though up with Rachel come next week, so that we may come up with other things that may be done there too.

Refining Backups

At the end of the day it was off to Christine Products to tidy up their backup system. Currently they have two different types of backups occurring, one manual and one automatic, each that perform the backups in different ways resulting in a mess when you want to restore things once again.

After refactoring things to combine duplication and simplify the process, there are now backupdb and compress batch files that do the dirty work, that are now controlled by nice and neat backup scripts that issue commands to the backupdb script. It’s a lot more stable now, and error checking is nicely contained in the one place for them now.

I’ll get working on some printer issues next week, now for there’s a couple of different dot-matrix alignment problems, and a 64-bit print compatibility issue to get fixed up now.


We gave Quiddler a bit of a go tonight which seems to be promising, and enjoyed the usual raft of games such as carcassonne and scrabble, but things really improved when the idea of blackjack came up. With a few decks of cards and some poker chips, I acted as the dealer for a few people, and with the play going quickly and smoothly for everyone we all ended up having an enjoyable time of things for a few hours.

I can tell that we may end up doing more of that on further occasions, but the risk of making things “more enjoyable” by introducing money in to the picture will have to be kept a lid on.