Today I head off to catch a new episode of Sherlock, enjoy Riddick but not without a few hesitations, and finish up with a highly enjoyable We’re the Millers.


We caught the first episode of season 3 today, where answers are given as to how Sherlock faked his death, but they’re not the answers that we want. Some of them come from people trying to figure out how he faked his death, and towards the end we get another unbelievable account that Sherlock gives to conspiracy theorist Anderson, causing him to laugh maniacally and tear his theories down from the wall. So we’re left with a conundrum of what to believe.


After seeing Riddick in the theatres earlier, I got to see it again on tv now, and my initial impressions stand firm.

Riddick (Vin Diesel) begins by being left for dead on a hostile planet, where he has to start from nothing. The first  20 minutes or so is nearly speechless in a film noirish manner, where he has to survive against the hostile denizens of the planet. A bond he forms with a hyena-like dog is well made, where he attempts to acclimatise them both to the poison of water-dwelling scorpion-like creatures. When rains approaches though he sees trouble in the rain, and realises that it’s time to leave.

Attracting the attention of bounty hunters with a beacon, we find two disparate groups arrive. One a set of bounty hunters intent on taking his head, and a second more professional group who are just wanting intel from Riddick. As they attempts to capture Riddick who wants on one of their ships, he in turn causes trouble for them by burying power cells from their ships.

Things take a turn for the worst for them when the rains arrive and the creatures rise from their hibernation, and they need to join forces with Riddick to make it out to where the power cells are buried, to make it out alive.

This Riddick movie doesn’t progress the story line much, other than a small amount about Johns finding out what happened to his son, and a return to the necromongers . Is this a movie that needed to be made? I’m not sure that it is. It’s entertaining and fun, but higher hopes were expected from this particular franchise.

We’re the Millers

We’re the Millers is a highly enjoyable movie about a small-time pot dealer David (Jason Sudeikis) who loses all his money, and is forced to become a drug smuggler instead and bring back a smidge (and a half) of pot back from Mexico. His clever plan is to rope in the assistance of a stripper neighbour Rose (Jennifer Anderson), friendly dweeb Kenny (Will Poulter), and gutter-punk runaway Emma (Casey Mathis), and together pretend to be a mid-western friendly family on a campervan vacation.

It’s a very clever premise, for it’s not a romantic comedy but aims at a higher more ambitious concept, that they can form a stronger family together despite their differences.