Things go well at a singing music practice, and printing problems prove to have nothing to do with printing at all.

Music practice

This morning after the morning meeting,  we held a music practice for some of the songs that we as a whanau will be getting involved with. The only problem is that most of us don’t know how to sing it, so we were put together in three lines, with each line of lyrics being done solo by a different person in front. It soon became apparent that not many knew what they were doing.

By the time things got to me I had a fair idea of what to do, which prompted some poking of the stick about showing off. Still, as a pakeha I’m better at it than most of the maori there, which not only helps to console myself in that I won’t be standing out for being too bad, but might help to give some incentive to the others to improve too.

Print problems

An issue in the DataTech program with printing packing slips has prompted some additional work in that area. The problem that occurs is that when printing out to a text file, it’s not released at the end of the print. So it’s not really a printing problem at all, but more to do with file handles not being released. As a result, I’ve moved the code that ends printing out to a separate function, and replaced similar code in over 240 different places so that it calls that one standard function instead.

While going through the code though it raised other questions, as usually occurs. For example, in some places the margin is set to 0 after finishing the print, and in other areas the number of lines per page is reduced to just 3 for some reason. I’ll have to get some testing done at some stage later on this year to find out what is going on there.