The iPad starts to have troubles, and our roading network isn’t going to get repaired much until certain trucks are no longer here.

Faulty iPad

It seems that my iPad is having trouble with rotating the screen. Whenever I try to rotate the screen to landscape, nothing adjusts for the new layout. As a result, it’s amazing how annoying it is to watch a youtube video with most of the upper and lower parts of the screen blanked off.

The pad has also at the same time started showing an “Undo Typing” message whenever I try to do some typing on there. This leads me to a conclusion that something is wrong with its accellerometer. After a little bit of digging I find that there is an Accelerometer JavaScript Test page, where I’m able to confirm that the y-axis is no longer responding. The ball on the screen drops down to the bottom, and stays there rolling along the base as I tilt the screen. Even when I tilt things upside down, the ball remains fixed to the top of the screen – unresponsive to gravity.

I’ll take it in to Noel Leemings tomorrow. Fortunately I have my receipt, so I can attempt to get something done about this.

80 ton trucks

Recently a friend  was saying that they have an Australian on their road crew that was commenting about the techniques used to make our roads. Apparently here in New Zealand we have lower standards because we have no need to roads that can withstand really heavy vehicles.

Recently this has caused some trouble though. The sewage pumping trucks that have come over from Australia can weigh up to 80 tons, and since the maximum allowed tonnage for NZ vehicles is 40 tons, these heavy beasts are doing quite some damage to the roads. This also explains why several roads in East Christchurch are delayed in their repairs.

There’s no point repairing the roads while these 80 ton vehicles are rolling around, so such work is being delayed until the sewage issues are dealt with. Once that is all fixed and those vehicles are no longer required, then much-needed repairs to the rest of our roading network can progress.