A poor group-singing experience prompts the use of Garage Band to help out with things, and the rest of the day is cancelled.

Acapella inspiration

After this mornings meeting at the art gallery we had a music practice, but without the music and with virtually no lyrics. This became an interesting time of things because most of us didn’t know what to sing, but after a few runs through we started somewhat improving.

As a result of this though, it’s inspired me to put together a Garage Band version of what we’re supposed to sing, to help with any other such occasions that occur.

Man flu?

Afterwards it was off to the community centre where I started poking around with Garage Band, and as woodworking occurs in the office area to prep it to be a small store, I find that I’m starting to get sore muscles, as if I’m about to get a bad cold. By the time 2pm rolls around, I can’t withstand the sore muscles any longer so I cancel a few engagements and and head home to bed.

The rest of the day is spent dropping in and out of consciousness, and come the evening I realise that I have a lot of gas bloating, and that this is quite likely to be due to an interaction between yeast from a good home brew ginger beer yesterday, and quite a lot of sugar from this morning. The ginger beer is too good to give up, so it looks like I have a good incentive to cut back on other things in a healthier manner.

Hopefully though tomorrow will see me return back to things without too much of a loss.