I deal with repercussions from yesterday, news about a local shop occur, and an issue with Firefox is dealt with.


After an evening of groaning while my intestines try to explode, I realise the stupidity of eating too much sugary stuff at the same time. By midday it’s been 24 hours without food, and as I’m feeling a bit better I get up for lunch and to get ready for the rest of the day.

Local shop

At the community centre I catch up about forthcoming plans for the office area, where we are going to have a local shop for local people. It sounds rather quaint, but the competition across the road at the Cats Protection League is likely to be a bit of a bother.

Firefox issue

Later on I was able to resolve an issue with the air performance program on the Firefox web browser, which doesn’t support the HTML5 number spinner technique, where you can use the up/down arrows to change a number by a certain number of steps. As a temporary fix the code has been adjusted so that it doesn’t have to rely on that, but later on tomorrow I’ll see if there are any polyfills that can help to provide this feature to Firefox, and possibly also Internet Explorer too.