All’s on the go at the community centre, and out of several computer problems a particular printing issue has to remain unsolved.

Community centre

At the community centre today all hands were on deck to get help move things out of the common room back in to the office area, to free up space for tomorrow’s lunch. All hands that is but for myself.

Mine were busy, on the computer steadfastly hammering out code, for an initial simple plan to put something together for this afternoon’s meeting with John has been delayed over the past couple of days. And, additional library code across several pages of the manual that isn’t available from anywhere else, needed to be typed in too.

In the end though things with the tests were successful, and I was able to make good use of it when I headed around to John’s later on.

John’s printers

While we were making plans in regard to tomorrow’s meeting with Christine Products, he gets me to help him figure out some issues with his printer setup. Mostly it’s a simple case of using net use to allow some DOS programs to easily print to his USB printers, but for one of his printers it didn’t want to accept the print job. The job just sits there in the queue until it has to be cancelled.

After much digging around in online forums it seems that it could be due to the printer needing to be initially installed with DOS support enabled. I’m already feeling touchy about having spent several hours today without dinner fixing his computers when we were supposed to be instead working on DataTech, and secondly because he’s not comfortable with the idea of paying me, or doing the work himself even with guidance. So because it’s a low priority issue – things there for now will have to remain broken. It’s not a good situation but didn’t get any dinner, dammit 😕