Improvements occur to the look and feel of the air performance program, and Stardust is enjoyed by all.

Air performance looks

After today’s first community lunch some time was spent on improving the looks of the air performance program. Each of the 13 different relation sections that relates to a different type of aircraft relationship, now have a different pastel background, along with a contrasting number on the background to show which particular relation it’s for.

Now that things are a bit easier to look at there, I’m going to see what can be done about helping things to be solved more automatically.


DVD night tonight was Stardust (2007) which is a fantasy around a Victorian village called Wall and a magical kingdom on the other side called Stormhold. It’s a long movie for a fantasy movie, but since it’s a condensed version of a book that’s not so surprising.

There are three main stories that interweave throughout in this movie. The story about Tristan (Charlie Cox) is that he’s an unknown heir to the throne of Stormhold who finds a fallen star Yvaine (Claire Danes) who has a necklace that princes desire. Tristan grows through adventure with pirate Captain Shakespeare (Robert De Nero), and returns home to have to rescue Yvaine from witches who want her shining heart, before he learns of his heritage.

The princes story is that they are in contention with each other for succession to the throne. They have to find the necklace that dropped Yvaine from the sky, for the prince who holds it will become the new ruler of the land. An entertaining side to the princes is that as they die they become spectating spectres, who comment on events as the remaining princes vie to be last in line.

The witches story is about three sister witches who attempt to gain the heart of a star, which can be used to return their beauty. Lamia (Michelle Pfeiffer) heads off to claim Yvaine, and her attempts to take her are hampered by Tristan who has a charm of protection, and when they do finally get her the last of the princes die attempting to rescue her for the necklace, before Tristan’s success when Yvaine kills the Lamia by shining forth in Tristan’s grasp.

It’s well paced and never drags, and we’re normally used to smaller story narratives. This is a giant story that we are involved with and it may have been tempting to break it up in to a few different movies, but I’m glad that they didn’t.