Refactoring of some ugly code ends up being successful, and board games of Carcassonne and Go are enjoyed.

Refactoring success

Left: deeply nested messy code. Right: untangled and much more flexible.

Left: deeply nested messy code. Right: untangled and much more flexible.

The deeply nested mess in some module analysis parts of DataTech has been neatly pulled apart, and is now a much tidier set of methods that do things like find the next module to analyse, show different view of it, and such like.

A nice benefit of this restructuring though is that the previous hard limit of no more than four nested modules, can now be expanded to any higher limit we may desire, which is going to give us far greater flexibility.

The only problem now is that there are nearly 50 other areas like this, so teasing them apart is going to take quite some time.

Board games

After an afternoon with the Parklands D&D group it was off to enjoy some board games at Felix’s such as Go and Carcassonne.

We enjoyed a game of Go with quite a large handicap, and after today’s game it became clear that some learning on life and death situations needs to occur, for by going through beginner exercises and working through books such as All About Life & Death can be of a great help too. Either way, the learning process is not always easy for the act of playing Go doesn’t of itself help you to learn much. What it does do instead is to help you realise where more learning is needed, which can help to give a direction to what you learn.