Tonight I catch Elysium, before checking out an interesting doco called 12 O’Clock Boys.

DVD night


The movie that we saw this weekend is Elysium (2013), set in a dystopian future where 1% of the 1% have escaped the horrors of Earth to their own society orbiting Earth, leaving behind the crumbling shantytown that Los Angeles has become. Everyone down below in the equivalent of a slave society dreams of being on Elysium, where every home has a healing chamber that can cure even the worst diseases.

Max (Matt Damon) used to live the criminal lifestyle and is now trying to go good, working at a defence factory that creates cop droids. A workplace accident gives him a lethal dose of radiation that will kill him in 5 days, so he turns back to the underworld for help to get him to Elysium.

There are a vast number of allegories throughout this film that relate to issues across a wide range of topics, environmental, political, social – they’re all there. It could almost be a revenge flick against the hoi-polloi of rich society, for the people of Earth end up all becoming citizens of Elysium with free access to medical drop-ships for the entire planet.

It’s an interesting tale and Kruger is an enjoyable villain to see, but due to the allegories being laid on so thick, this is the sort of movie that you may not want to go back to see for a while.

12 O’Clock Boys

12 O’Clock Boys  is an intriguing documentary about Baltimore black kids (african-american if you must) who are in a motorcycle gang where they celebrate the live for the day ethos by popping a wheelie on dirt bikes and atv’s, keeping it there pointed at the sky while riding along.

The documentary focuses on Pug, a boy who is followed from ages 10 to 13 as he gains an interest in the local group and faces a wide range of troubles in his life. With beautifully filmed scenes, this documentary avoids passing judgement and attempts to cover things from both sides of the spectrum, but you can’t help but to realise that the surrounding subtext is of a society that is on the brink of collapse.