Air performance auto-solve

Things in the air performance program were switched over from using a set series of formulas to using auto-solve techniques instead.In a certain section, I give it for example the air density, coefficient of lift, and velocity, and it automatically figures out the wing-loading. That’s currently working on a small scale, and my next challenge is to take it up a notch by piling all of the formulas in to the one solver so that it has a large library from which to work with. Will it work? Who knows – but if it breaks the results are likely to be interesting too.

Before doing that though, one of the things I want to do is to tell the program which fields are to be used for calculating new values. This can be done under the hood for now, but I’m going to want a way to make certain values immutable. A checkbox on each field works, but it looks messy having them all there – so the next time I work on this I’ll give it a try with hidden checkboxes, that reveal themself when you hover over the or a related field.