The food coop truck was late today, and a better understanding of parts, kits, and modules occurs with the DataTech program.

Food coop

Today at the weekly food coop the delivery truck was very late. Normally it arrives by 9:30, but today it was over an hour late resulting in lots of PD people with nothing to do. It did give us volunteers plenty of time to catch up and get to know each other better though.

Eventually though the truck did arrive, and with it unloaded we could get started with the largest number of food parcels this year, 332 of them.

Parts, Kit, and Module prices

Things went well at Christine Products today with DataTech, where a good understanding of the differences between parts, kit, and module prices took place, and can be best understood from the outside in.

  • Module prices are given separately to each module, no matter what they contain. This allows for them to be priced at a consistent value even when the price of the parts change.
  • For each module you can see the different parts and other modules that are used for it. The kit sums together the price of each module that’s used, along with other parts and labour and gives an honest indication of markup.
  • The part price digs through each and every module pulling out the price of the different parts contained within them.

So with any given module there are three cost prices that are given, the parts price which tells you what it’s costing you, the kit price which is the sum of the modules/parts used and is more immune to pricing changes and includes labour, and the overall module price itself. When labour is ignored all three should be at the same price. When they’re not the same then adjustments need to occur to bring the figures back in to line, which results in a somewhat self-balancing system to keep prices relevant.