An issue is found with DataTech modules which I’ll be working on tomorrow, the Dragon Watch newsletter is published, and a new game called Banished is very promising indeed.


It seems that the latest update of DataTech has an issue with the displaying of module information, where it thinks all modules are zinc plating. Very weird. So as a result it’s been rolled back to a previous working version, and tomorrow I’ll dig in to the updates from there to figure out what on earth is going on.

Hepatitis C newsletter

The latest quarterly issue of Dragon Watch is out, along with Bill’s blog entry- and I decided to put together a list of what needs to be done when putting it up online. It’s more than I thought for such a seemingly simple task.

  1. rename pdf to be yyyy-month-newsletter.pdf
  2. create screenshot of front page as .png using same above name format
  3. upload pdf & png files
  4. duplicate the previous newsletter page, and edit it
  5. rename subject and alias
  6. change the image to the new one of the newsletter
  7. update link to the new newsletter
  8. replace old attachment with the new pdf
  9. preview the page
  10. send a test email
  11. while waiting for the email
    1. update the newsletter banner
    2. copy bill’s blog entry from the newsletter
    3. make HTML edits to the blog entry
    4. check blog looks correct
  12. check test email
  13. send newsletter to subscribers


A new and a challenging medieval city-building game arrived a few days ago called Banished, with a focus on the people and their survival. Your people will die due to starvation, old age, freezing to death, ill health, and a host of other issues, which challenges you to micromanage everything.

banished - mountain men

When you initially start you gather what resources you can find on top of the land, such as wood, stone, iron, and further growth of your town depends on using renewable techniques, such as a forester to keep the trees renewing, and a quarry or mine to provide ongoing resources. If you’re not careful though things can grow beyond your ability to control them.

Info panels abound in this game. You’ll want the professions panel open at all times so that you can manage how many people are assigned to different jobs, the city info panel is necessary to keep open too so that you can tell when you’re getting low of goods, and the status window you’ll want to be up all the time too remain updated of issues with your people. When buildings are being built you’ll be wanting their info panels up too to keep track of their progress, and to help inform you when they’re done so that you can move the builders on to another task. By the time you open up panels of everything you think should be tracked, the screen can be so full of panels that you can barely see what’s happening on the ground.

Because the game allows up to x10 speed though, you’re tempted to speed things through which results in you missing vital clues to help you improve things. The game is easily paused too, which gives you time to reflect on different options. When assigning building tasks you can pause those too, so that your builders can focus on just a few tasks, and you can bring online other paused jobs when the builders are done.

As a result, I’ve been spending time on the Banished subreddit, and after working through the in-game help and the Banished wiki, have some better ideas to try out.