A stranger came in to the community centre thinking we were a local shop. We set him right, and moved on to air performance checkbox issues.

Local shop stranger

It was all on today at the Linwood community centre. Virtually everything was dragged out from the cramped office area, so market day gear and items for the local shop are now spread all around the main room, which will be dung through tomorrow by a few staff members as they try to organise things more appropriately.

Tubbs & Edward from The League of Gentlemen

Tubbs & Edward from The League of Gentlemen

A stranger came in today and tried to look through some of the clothing the period items. I could tell right away that he wasn’t a local for he was¬†under the mistaken impression that we were a store. After setting him right and politely¬†sending him on his way, I couldn’t help but to realise that on similar such occasions I could make use of a favourite piece from League of Gentlemen – “Hello hello, what’s going on. What’s with all this shouting – we’ll have no trouble here!” Maybe next time.

Air performance checkboxes

The update to the air performance program to let you select which particular fields you want to remain fixed, is in place. To help prevent too much clutter they only appear when the mouse is on the appropriate line, and there is a Show All toggle too should you want to get an overview of things. Now I only have to put this interface in to practice. The next time I’ll update them with the currently active ones, remove ones that aren’t able to be active, and then after updating the solver to be able to work in a wider capacity, they should be able to be put in place again.