Issues with USB sticks are resolved, and Europa Report isn’t quite what we thought it would be.

USB stick issues resolved

It was time to head in to The Warehouse this morning to return the hastily purchased stick from yesterday. There is a genuine problem too that will help with the return. It was one of these swivel usb flash drives but it wasn’t like other better swivel ones, oh no. This one has a plastic swivel case instead which means that the plastic has to be thicker has the metal swivel ones, which means that it’s too thick to be plugged in above or below other usb devices.

I ended up performing a demo for them about this problem, by laying two normal usb sticks on each other, and their one on top of those. The gap between the usb connectors was quite appreciably larger, so a return was arranged. I made things easy for them though by going for a store credit, for I have plans to come back for the Gravity DVD when it’ s released later on this week.

In all now, this has been 6 different flash drives that I’ve been dealing with lately:

  • My old slow and reliable black&white usb stick
  • The missing flamingo pink drive
  • The black faulty replacement
  • A replacement for the replacement, to return the faulty one
  • The flash upgrade that was immediately faulty
  • The too thick warehouse swivel

And tonight when turning the mattress I find the flamingo pink one under the bed, who’s departure caused this whole usb saga in the first place. Gah!

DVD night

Europa Report

In the lead up to Gravity coming out, we saw Europa Report (2013) today. The movie is about a reality-tv funded mission to Europa to search for life, and ends up being a found-footage movie of the disaster that things became.

The trouble is that once we know it’s a found-footage movie, that the inevitable bad ending has to occur too – it’s a death march as the people on board come to realise that they’re not alone on Europa, and that the radiation out there that’s causing interference with their cameras is actually a creature that’s going to kill them.

When they land something goes wrong with their probe, so someone heads out on foot instead. When in danger of high radiation they’re instructed to return but something catches their attention, and they do all the stupid things that you’re not supposed to do.

For some reason the portrayal in this film didn’t result in us empathising for the characters. Without some form of emotional connection it becomes quite difficult to enjoy the movie. There are also aspects of the bad 1950’s creature feature tv shows too about this movie. Despite the modern setting, the plot has all the feel of a badly written and thought out story from decades ago.

Sad though it is to say, we found this movie to be somewhat lackluster, and we wouldn’t want to see this one again.

The Family (2013) whichw e saw after though was so much better, with the intro alone being more interesting than the entirety of Europa Report. I’m out of time on this for today though, so tomorrow will have my thoughts on The Family.