It’s time to use Spinrite on all my computer drives, and the Luc Besson movie The Family is enjoyed.


After taking the time to use Flash Check to check on the health of my flash drives, I realised that it’s been a few years since I’ve done something similar with my computer drives using Spinrite,

I’m running a maintenance check on all drives, which writes all data inverted and then back the normal way. This refreshes the magnetic data and helps to prevent any long term issues, while checking for potential problem along the way.

It’s a lengthy process though, because it’s something that gets run when then computer is not being used for anything else, so doing them at night when sleeping is a good option, and on the desktop machine during the day too.

Still, the laptop is taking a few days to fully check, and the desktop machine is progressing well on the first of its four drives.

The Family

The Family (2013) is a Luc Besson film (known for The Fifth Element) that is a black comedy farce take, on mafia family in hiding.

In the witness protection program, the Manzoni family is hiding out in a small Normandy village. Or at least, they’re supposed to be hiding out but they just can’t stop doing things that draws attention to themselves.

Giovanni (Robert De Nero), the head of the family, had dealt with the witness protection program so much that he’s become begrudging friends with FBI agent Stansfield (Tommy Lee Jones), and Giovanni takes on being a writer as a part of his cover. Issues with brown water though result in him regularly escaping notice of the program to apply pressure tactics to try and resolve the issue.

Giovanni’s wife Maggie (Michelle Pfeiffer) has her own issues at hand. Her frustrations with life invariably lead up to supermarkets blowing up wherever she goes.

De Nero is always enjoyable to watch, but Michelle Pfeiffer is the reason to watch and enjoy this film. Her confession with the local Catholic priest is one of many memorable moments.