Efforts to fully scan using Spinrite are met with temporary technical issues, and I have a Sheldon-like moment at the Winnie Bagoes pizza restaurant.

No Spinrite success, but efforts continue

It seems after all that the MSDOS boot disk is not going to be a viable solution to the Spinrite division overflow error. Whenever scanning of the drive gets to track number 65535, the error occurs on the next track. This occurs regardless of whether FreeDOS or a Windows 98 boot disk are being used, and other advice to change the SATA mode in the BIOS from ACPI to Legacy IDE or even RAID don’t have any impact on the issue either.

The wiki page about Spinrite on large drives claims that using a Windows 98 boot can solve the problem, but that seems to be in relation to another kind of error that happens. One of the reference pages though on how to fix the division overflow error has a comment from someone, who says that the problem was due to their BIOS itself and that scanning the drive in a different computer results in success for them.

That is something that I’ll be trying out tomorrow, but for now as I’m a paying customer of the program, I’ll get in touch with support to find out if there’s anything more that they can assist me with in regard to this.

A Sheldon moment

The other day I realised that I was having a Sheldon moment (from the Big Bang Theory).

I was at the Winnie Bagoes pizza restaurant across from the Polytech with other people from the Skeptics group, and the waitress came along asking what do I like from the menu. As I haven’t had anything from their menu before I have no idea of what I do like, but I have a plan to combat this.

Whenever I come in to Winnie Bagoes I will try a different pizza from their menu, starting at the top left and working my way down the list. By the time I reach the end of their list, which may take a year or so of regular visits, I will have acquired a good idea of what I do and do not like – at which time I will be able to reliably answer the question of what do I like from the menu.