Troubling pedophile claims arise about someone I know, and the movie Her is strangely enjoyable.

Pedophile claims

There was quiet a bit of fallout to deal with today after yesterdays revelations, for claims cropped up that someone around here was a pedophile. I’ll name no names here but in my dealings with him this came as quite a surprise because no such indications have come up in the many hours each week that I interact with him.

As a result, Hanlon’s Razor can be best applied here which goes “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.” and helps to¬†eliminate unlikely reasons. At best it’s possible that a misunderstanding has occurred and the women is badly mistaken, but evidence in this case points to malice instead, for the chap has been pushing himself in to her life.

She’s known to have a vicious streak and she’s sick of his unwanted attention on her. If she’s not doing it for reasons of stupidity or ignorance then it falls on to the malice side of things, that she would rather believe and spread poisonous rumours about him, to help push him away from her.

It’s sad that people have to act this way, and what can be done about the situation? Do you stand up for the guy too and risk what may happen if he is indeed guilty of the accusations against him? The only thing that I can do in a case like this is to say that the balance of evidence falls on to malicious behaviour due to unwanted attention. Based on my personal experience with both people the guy’s innocent until proven guilty – and no proof of any kind has arrived.


Tonight’s movie Her (2013) ¬†a strange and intriguing one to enjoy. It’s about a soft-spoken Theodore Twombly (Joaquin Phoenix) who works at where he dictates beautiful letters for other people, who are seeking to outsource their romance on a daily basis.

He’s in the midst of working through a divorce, and along comes an operating system (voiced by Scarlett Johannsen) that can carry on conversations and has the ability to learn and grow. At first she acts like a virtual personal assistant, but as things grow between them it becomes clear where things are heading to. The phone sex between them for example was tastefully done to a black screen, and as she continues to grow it becomes clear that just one man is not enough for her.

Ultimately she leaves to explore a higher level of consciousness, and Theodore regains connection with other people in his life who were also using the same OS. It’s an interesting look at a worrying future, for many of us here and now separate ourselves from other people by being so heavily involved with computer-based things. Even if we get to connect with people through computers, such as with Facebook, there’s no replacement for one-on-one interactions with real life living breathing people.