A conclusion comes to my Spinrite saga, and This Week in JavaScript is easier to create after some preparation occurs.

Spinrite conclusion

Since I’m waiting for 6.1 of Spinrite to come out I might as well make good use of it on the parts of my drives that it can access. So until its eventual release some time this year (hopefully) I’m now running Spinrite on the tracks below the 65536 limit, and will be looking in the meantime for different programs that can perhaps do the same or similar job, to help ensure that the health of my drives are kept at their best.

This Week in JavaScript

A weekly news piece about JavaScript is split between myself and another person, so that we only have to deal with it every other week. I used to just dig through my past history of browsing, but now thanks to putting aside interesting bits and pieces as the week progresses it’s been much easier for me to put together this week’s This Week in JavaScript¬†article.

It’s amazing how much occurs in the realm of JavaScript each week, and what appears in the weekly posts is just the cream of the crop. So if you have any interest in JavaScript at all, go and check it out.