Stormy weather hits Christchurch today, and I realise that riding on scooters is a dangerous past-time.

Stormy Christchurch weather

Today has brought one of the worst storms that I’ve seen here in Christchurch. The wind has been consistently gale-force, and the constant rain just doesn’t stop. Despite this though things have to carry on somewhat as per normal.

It was a good opportunity to test out the wet-weather gear that I recently acquired for my scooter, and I must say that it does a pretty decent job. I ended up arriving to open the community centre¬†through some of the wettest weather I’ve seen, and was dry as a bone by the end of things. The laptop bag on my back even had the old wet weather trousers around it, which did a fairly good job of keeping the worst of the weather away from it.

The weather forecast showed that the weather was going to die down by the end of the day, but that hasn’t happened yet.

At the end of the day when everyone had left I noticed that a drip has developed in the corner of the kitchen. It’s so far in to the corner that no buckets or pans can reach there, so a jury-rigged solution has been put in to place where tape has been used to secure pair of tongs to the edge of a pot, so that water can funnel down from the end of them in to the pot. It’s a bit rough and ready, but things should be good until we return in the morning.

Scooter dangers

While on the way out to visit a friend just out from hospital, I realised that the scooter was in dire need of filling up so stopped off at a BP station on the way over. The attendant there said “You’re a brave man” about being out in this weather. Little does he know that with a scooter there’s little option but to be brave, every single time you take yourself out on the road.

I realised that when I was heading off again up Cranford Street, for with the wind and the rain it wasn’t feasible to maintain 65+ down there, and the side of the road was a permanent hazard with tree branches and vast amounts of leaves and debris making it an extremely dangerous if I needed to take sudden action at any time.

Unholy dangerous