Issues with traffic occur this morning, Reiki is on while the local shop gets painted, and Carnival Zombie is an engrossing board game.

Schadenfreude traffic

This morning on the way in to town, a driver didn’t want to be behind me on Pages Road and switched over to the right-hand lane at the same time as me. They didn’t indicate in any way beforehand, and not wanting to be behind me again they switched back to the left lane only to find they had to stop behind traffic waiting for the lights. Meanwhile I clear the right lane to a turning lane and I realise that if they had stayed behind me they would have had a nice clear run down to the lights. I don’t quite know why, but there’s a certain level of Schadenfreude enjoyment going on there when their desire to be faster ends up making them slower.

Another such occasion happened just after the lights too, where I turn right in to Linwood Ave in to the right lane as you should, and then switch over to the left lane. Someone else behind me tried to turn right and lazily took the left lane desiring to get ahead of a scooter rider, and to their surprise they found that I was coming across to their left lane ahead of them. They not wanting me to be in front of them take the right lane only to find more traffic there, meanwhile I take a left-arrow light in to Hereford Street and they would have had a much better placement at the lights if once again they had stayed behind.

It’s not as if I’m going slow or anything. This type of behaviour occurs when there are lots of vehicles ahead of me too. It’s just that drivers don’t like the idea of their big powerful machines behind a less powerful scooter. When they blindly try to avoid that situation, they just end up in a worse situation that wouldn’t have occurred if they just read the road properly instead.

Problems with Reiki

It was all on at the community centre this morning, for Reiki was being held there and painting of the local shop was taking place.

With Reiki I gain the impression that it has nothing to do with physical healing, and more with helping people through emotional issues that they’re dealing with, and I’m fine with that. However, when claims occur that it can cleanse your liver and other vital organs of your body, that I take umbrage at. Other people waving their hands over your body is not going to do anything to cleanse your organs. That is something that only you can do something about by taking direct action, to improve what is going  to your body instead.

Sadly though some people don’t trust anything that might be considered to be medical or science, and turn instead to alternative therapies. What has been learned over time is that anything that proves to be effective suddenly stops being alternative and magically becomes science. Anything else that is not effective remains on the outskirts as an alternative treatment. When dealing with science and medicine, what’s the alternative? The alternative is having no impact on the situation at all. What some people fail to realise that alternative remedies only alternative because they don’t work.

Carnival Zombie board game

Tonight at Sam’s place in Ilam, we got to enjoy Carnival Zombie, a co-op game where a terrible leviathan has emerged in Venice and we are fleeing, fighting our way through hoards of rotting infected as we attempt to leave the city.

The game is split in to two different phases for each day, a night phase and a day phase. During the night we secure ourselves in trenches with barricades as we fend off vast numbers of infected and denizens of the city, and during the day we heal up, search for helpful items, and make our way to other locations of the city.

One of the problems that we had from the beginning is that nobody knew how to play the game, and the English version of the rules seemed to be a poor translation. Some parts of the English manual were still in Italian, meaning that we had to find a more up to date version of the rules from off the internet.

However, after spending about half an hour working through the rules and coming to an understanding of how the game is played, we set out on an adventure and with the rule book close at hand to refer to throughout much of the game for clarification, we ended up having a good time of things.

Important: have somebody on hand who already knows how to play. That helps to prevent large delays as someone scans throughout the manual looking for answers.

In the end we finished an estimated 2 hour game after more than twice that time. Despite that though we look forward to visiting this game again now that we have a better knowledge of how things work.