The flood results in weekend banking problems, and travelling time between The Palms and Parklands is surprisingly efficient.

ANZ weekend hours

Given that ANZ in Fitzgerald Ave was closed yesterday due to flooding, it was time to head off this morning to find another one with which to deposit the food co-op money. The Sydenham branch I found is not open weekends, and had a bit of a chat with another person expecting them to be open too.

I was hoping to get the banking done then head off to a prior engagement in Parklands, so it was a quick trip out to The Palms where we find it’s mostly just the malls that have a weekend banking service.

Travel timing issues

Worried about how long it would take my poor wee scooter to get up to Parklands, Mairehau Road seemed to be the most direct course of action. Plenty of ETA’s occurred such as leaving at 12:17 so it should be 12:20 by the time I get to Mairehau. Not knowing how long it’ll take to get down there I know that I really need to arrive at the bottom end of Inwoods Road by 12:28 (at the latest) so that I can arrive at the top by half past. And surprisingly, I manage to get there on time only to find that the event was cancelled this week after our recent rain troubles.

All that worry and concern and all for naught, which just goes to show that worrying about if you are going to be late is fruitless when there is nothing that can be done to remedy the situation.