The Adventures of Baron Munchausen are highly enjoyed, and Frozen ends up sadly being a confused mess.

The Adventures of Baron Munchausen

The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (1988) has an interesting and strange premiss. Set in a besieged city in the midst of an ongoing war with the Turks, the story is about a stage play production about the Baron, that is invaded by the distinguished old fellow himself. In among the confusion he takes the stage and tells the story of his travels, and how he’s the one who began this multi-generational war in the first place.

Given that they were working with real in-camera effects, and no CGI or other major computer-based assistance, this is an amazing production of the story. Sadly though because this has been written out of order, this movie deserves to be delved in to much more  than I can give it right now.


I began to watch Frozen (2013) tonight expecting it to be as good as The Lion King, and found it to instead be a confused mess.

From the beginning we get the sense that Elsa has the most compelling arc, as she has trouble when her magic powers accidentally endangers her sister’s life, and is resigned to living her life suppressing her abilities. Later when on she runs away and builds her ice castle during the Let It Go song, there’s a strong impression that we’re going to be following more of her journey, but things pretty much stop for her from there.

There’s a strong impression that Elsa is supposed to be the ice queen, and parts of her song such as “Let the storm rage on. The cold never bothered me anyway” were originally from when she was supposed to have left a storm raging in the town. Instead though she spends the entire movie cowering away, scared of herself and her abilities, not knowing that she’s causing winter or even how to stop it.

Meanwhile we instead spend the time with her sister Anna, who falls in love with the first prince she runs in to and wants to marry him immediately, then leaves him to go chasing after Elsa where Anna receives help primarily from Kristoff, a patient ice trader, before she is accidentally again injured with a frozen heart by Elsa.

When Anna is returned back home for help she finds that her prince doesn’t want to cure her frozen heart – he unexpectedly becomes the antagonist, and when Anna tries to run back to Kristoff, Elsa returns and Anna spurns his efforts to reach her to instead save Elsa. This “act of true love” saves Anna, Elsa somehow figures out how to lift her winter, and celebrations occur all round.

Does it deserve the 8.0 IMDB rating? Certainly not – this is a 6.5 type of movie at its best. Wreck-it Ralph is by far and above a much better story that’s more entertainingly told. Even Tangled was better than Frozen.

An excellent run-down too of the original Snow Queen story and comparison with Frozen can be found at Why Disney’s FROZEN is a waste of a good faerie tale.

[edit: I’ve just realised that most of Frozen is a Heroine’s Journey, nicely expressed as the following image (source)]