Attempts to improve the memory of an old laptop occur where we find out about drivers, and Banished is attempted by a pro gamer with hilarious results.

Memory and drivers

Today I was told that 1 Gig of DDR1 memory could be sources for $10 for Nicky’s laptop which I found to be quite a good deal, but the deal was too good to be true. DDR2 memory was obtained instead for close to $40, which of course wouldn’t work, so a trip around to Molton Media was instead planned for the end of the day.

At Molton Media I find that only 512 of DDR1 are available. The 1 Gig chips are rare these days, but it wasn’t a complete loss. We ended up chatting about the bluescreen issues with the PCMCIA wireless card, for which a possible good solution can be found from DriverPack Solution, which is a free DVD image full of drivers and software. As they’re Russian you don’t necessarily want to install the software for it will default to the Russian language, but installing the drivers from there has been found to be an excellent solution to driver issues.


Day[9] has been a regular creator of videos relating to StarCraft, but he also does a wide range of other interests too. Along with his playlist series of Hearthstone,  which is a challenging card-based game from the Warcraft developers, he’s also recently been getting in to Banished which is entertaining to watch because after the tutorials and his excitement, he ends up getting completely stomped into the ground by the game.

It’s interesting to see how pro-gamers approach to this game without any outside resources, and helps you to realise that only with a good foundation from the in-game help and other outside resources such as Banished conversations on reddit or the developers forum, can significant decent progress be made.