The auto solver for an air performance program is coming along well, issues occur with the newsletters resulting in a delay, and competitive Hearthstone play can be interesting, but make sure you’re well rested first.

Auto solver

Good progress on the air performance program is being made now, for the auto-solver that I developed is fully in place now. Set it up with some formulas, and give it some data and it will churn through every formula that it’s capable of solving until it has no more that it can solve.

No particular order is prescribed, although that could be a feature for further versions of the program. It just works on through the existing data that it has and solves everything that it can. Previously I was just giving it a few formulas for testing purposes, and now that I’m throwing everything at it, things are going well.

Now it’s just a matter of tidying up the interface so that we can easily specify the information that we want to be solved, and have it be used

Newsletter delays

Several of this months community newsletters still aren’t delivered, as they went off site to be folded and we haven’t seen anything of them yet since last week. It looks like I’ll have to get in touch with them tomorrow to find out what they’re up to, and when we can have out newsletters back please soon.

Competition Hearthstone

I was supposed to attend Go tonight but ended up falling asleep after watching some competitive hearthstone play. I ended up waking after Go has started, and spent the rest of the evening following the progress of top players there.

One of the difficult things about Hearthstone as a spectator sport is that it involves long stretches of time where nothing happens, when each player is thinking their way through combinations of play to try and arrive at a most optimal set of plays. It’s something like Chess in a way but with more action when battle occurs.