Star Wars extras

Things were back in action on this time week at the St Chad’s packing centre. During things there Chris and I got involved in discussion about the Empire Strikes Back and all things Star Wars, and I found out that tauntaun’s were healed by robot doctors, but most of that was cut from the movie so we only get a glimpse of such things. Among speculation of what this might mean for the tauntaun that died to save Luke’s life, I found that Chris was unaware of the Star Wars Holiday Special, or the Phantom Edit version of the first prequel.

As I’m always one who likes to spread good things, after the packing was done we stopped off at my place to pick up the DVDs, where I find that Lucas has visited me one evening to take it and smash it with a sledgehammer. I’ll run off another version of it later and in the meantime Chris can enjoy the Phantom Edit before experiencing the horror that is the Holiday Special some time next week.