Changes are coming to how hepatitis C services are provided, updates on the missing Malaysian aircraft, this month’s March book group has a large list of items.

A national hep c service

After today’s group lunch I had to finish up rather quickly, for I had a 1 PM to 4PM meeting to attend in town about the future of the Hepatitis C Trust.

The Ministry of Health is bringing an end to regional groups at the end of the year, and is making plans for a single organisation to provide such health services. Around mid-year they will put out an RFI (request for information) where places around the country give them their thoughts on what the MoH should use their public funding for, after which a RFP (request for providers) will tender for a single provider to provide those services from the start of next year.

During the course of the meeting we went through several different possible types of actions that we could take, and after votes were tallied we went through a SWOT process (strengths, weaknesses, opportunties, threats) with the two most favoured courses of action. It seems that we have settled on the idea of joining forces with other groups so that we can all attempt to continue providing the services that have been working well up to now.

Malaysian aircraft updates

The missing Malaysian aircraft is causing a bit of a stir. Apparently a Chinese satellite has spotted what may be debris, and on an oil rig a New Zealander claims to have seen the aircraft burst in to flames before going down. Regardless of such claims though, a comprehensive timeline of events is regularly updated,  with a second comprehensive timeline helping to provide constant and ongoing updates.

March book group

At the book group tonight it was all on, and a wide range of good and interesting books were delved in to by many of us that attended. I ended up keeping track of what was mentioned, so we now have a good list of books and other things (PDF) that were mentioned and are well worth delving in to.