A change of direction for Malaysian aircraft investigation, and preparing for the storm.

Malaysian change of direction

Throughout the course of today it’s become more and more prevalent that the missing Malaysian aircraft is not an accident, but has been deliberately flown after the loss of communication occurred.

This comes from a number of different facts that are known.

There was a 14 minute delay between data reporting system and the transponder being shut down, and announcements today that radar records show that a number of erratic direction and altitude changes occurred.

Because it’s now less likely to be an accident that occurred to the plane, investigations are looking now at deliberate action so the pilot’ some is being investigated. While a hijacking by the pilot or others is a possibility, it’s important to not lose sight of other possibilities until they can be ruled out.

For example, with the new information about the aircraft a heading and altitude, that helps to narrow down the search area to a relatively small location where it would have run out of fuel.

Even though there are many that want answers about this, it’s important to not jump at the first one that comes to mind such as that the pilot hijacked the aircraft. Religion provides certainty and gives answers, whereas science and the art of investigation keeps on asking questions.

Prepare for the worst

What with the cyclone approaching Canterbury tomorrow, Pans are underway for me to be prepared for tomorrow so that I can head off early at breakfast time, to head out before the rivers get too full to pass.

With good planning things should go well, even if the weather causes things to go foul.