Details are found about the transponder on flight MH370, and a Chrome app update causes Youtube fullscreen problems that are resolved by their Youtube app.

MH370 transponder

A useful amount of time was spent on the Malaysian aircraft live chat today helping to clear up some facts for people. Resolving that the 14 minute difference of time between the ACARS and transponder can both be explained by the one event removing power from them is a big step. ACARS only communicates every 30 minutes, so a power-failure event that stops the transponder will also stop ACARS too. That event is let to be determined, but theories include a bad electrical fault or fire, or a pilot removing the fuses to diagnose and resolve an electrical problem.

While there though someone asked just how difficult it would be to manually disable the transponder, so I went for a quick search and found a useful interactive 777 flight deck display, where beside the co-pilot’s chair is the atc panel.


It’s at the lower right on the atc panel where you find the control knob that can set the transponder to standby or off, or a range of other useful settings. It’s normal for pilots to turn off the transponder when they have landed at an airport to radar clutter, and for other reasons too. It also doesn’t continuously broadcast information – instead it waits for a request for information and only then sends out information.

When no response is found from a transponder, there are a variety of possible reasons for why it’s not responding, that range from a deliberate act of sabotage all the way through to no power from an electrical fault. In such situations, I prefer to stay with Hanlon’s Razor and not attribute to malice until some kind of evidence tells us so.

Chrome / Youtube update

Last night I was up far too late and as a result while brushing up on a go video about huge trades. I ended up falling asleep after dinner tonight , which interfered with plans to attend the Go club. As a result when I came to, I delved further in to other videos instead of people who push the boundaries.

Before doing that though I needed to resolve an issue with playing Youtube videos on the iPad. Youtube videos are no longer able to go full screen on my tablet. Instead they end up on a white-background screen without increasing in size which is most likely from a recent Google Chrome update for their browser that I installed earlier today.

As a result, this has given me good justification to check out the Youtube app, which does an excellent job of things. It’s the little things that they got right, such as when you’re finished with a video it can continue playing in the bottom right while you go searching for other content.