New evidence for Flight MH370, among false leads

Lots of theories regarding flight MH370 have been occurring, from UFO to terrorists to military shootdown to pilot suicide, but my preferred favourite has up until now been this startling simple theory about an electrical fire.

Someone also provided this interactive map with details of what is known about the flight, and its actual route as seen from Malaysian radar shows it going through three different waypoints, heading directly for south Andaman, where we find Port Blair with a nice large runway for an emergency landing, but they didn’t end up getting there and we may never know what occurred.

New evidence

The best article that I’ve come across about things is this new evidence in Flight 370 search explains plane’s path. Up until now we’ve only had bits and pieces to draw things from such as that the cops found five Indian Ocean practice runways on his flight simulator, an investigation shows that the pilots they are the picture of normality, and the flight path the plane took was deliberately entered into the autopilot at the cockpit, but that CNN article about new evidence fits well with good pilot behaviour in the face of an emergency, trying to approach Phuket airport and failing that, on to Port Blair.

False leads

All sorts of attempts to find the aircraft has resulted in false leads up till now. The Kiwi oil rig worker who saw something flame for 10-15 seconds (map of rig location and sighting) has been discredited by vast amounts of radar and satellite information, a Hyderabad techie who saw the plane on satellite scans was looking at 2012 and 2009 images instead, and Maldives Islanders claim to have spotted a low flying jet which has since been denied by their defence force

When the plane is found it will provide a lot of answers, but until then we can only hold on to hope while the search parties continue.