Trouble with vouchers at BP are finally resolved, scooter plans for a service occur, and computer help takes place at Te Whare Roimata.

BP voucher trouble

It was in to BP today to help the manager learn about the trouble with using a petrol voucher to pay for petrol.

The manager wasn’t pleased to find that one of his staff members was having such trouble, and that it was virtually impossible to contact the manager, but was appreciative of finding out. At the end of things a free drink was offered as thanks, and hopefully that will be the end of that.

Just to make sure though, I’ll also be letting the MTA know about the trouble, for it just shouldn’t be that difficult to use a petrol voucher to pay for petrol.

Scooter plans

This morning I figured that it was a good time to take my scooter in for a regular service. Because I’m going in tomorrow to the Clinical Studies place, having the scooter in today for a service then means that I can take a taxi in to CCST in for morning, and then pick up the scooter afterwards.

Computer help

After getting the scooter looked after, I was wanted over at Te Whare Roimata to help with the computer class there that afternoon. Things have been going well there and the ladies who attend are preferring me to their existing tutor, so Jenny has been wanting me to participate more often with them there.

I’m wanted to take a separate class so that more than just going through a typing tutor can be done, such as things you can do with email, or with facebook and twitter, and other types of things such as how to manage photos from your camera. We’ll have to do a lot more talking about things, but things are looking like they’ll go well.