Today I make my way in for the last round of clinical study tests, and in the search for flight MH370 Australia finds debris.

Last visit to clinical study

My last visit to the clinical studies place occurred today, for the last round of blood tests and health checks, to check that I’m free and clear of hepatitis C. It will be a nice change given that I received it when 6 years old from a bad blood pack in hospital.

Since my scooter is in the shop for service, it’s a good opportunity to take a free taxi there, and have it drop me off afterwards at the community centre.

I’ll be looking forward to the final results that come out of this, which should come through within the next week or so.

Afterwards I was even able collected several more petrol vouchers for the prior trips I’ve made there myself, but I spared them explaining about the issues I’ve had with them and BP.

Australia finds debris

The Malaysian flight MH370 has been all over the place today. There are reports of debris being spotted not be satellites, but from aircraft over the area, according to Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbot.

The crew on board the Orion reported seeing two objects, the first a grey or green circular object and the second an orange rectangular object

So that, along with relatives of the families being called for an emergency briefing, and being offered free flights to Australia.

Meanwhile the HMS Success has now been sent out to the area, and due to an 8 metre swell is holding off just South of the area. Meanwhile underwater search robots are being sent out, and a black box finder is making its way out there too.