I’ve recently been noticing the gradual encroachment of weight and plan to lose it, and tabletop games come to the Linwood community centre.

Weight loss

In the weekend I realised that my weight has crept up an uncomfortable amount, so I’m going back to the weight-loss routine that I used a few years ago to drop 30 kilos within 4 months. I won’t be so extreme this time around though – I’ll only be aiming for about half of that this time around.

As a result, I’ve been noticing what and were my temptations lie. For example, at the Wednesday food co-op where I volunteer as a packer, we are rewarded with a bag full of leftover goodies that I might snack on over the course of a few days – no more. It’s all being donated to the community centre now, and if it doesn’t go on the Wednesday then it makes it on to the community lunch tables the next day, where it definitely be made good use of.

I won’t go crazy with the weighing either as I did daily the last time, but instead will just monitor how things go on a weekly basis. Starting from 115.5kg that I was on Monday morning, it’ll be interesting to see how things track over time.

International Tabletop Day

On the 10th of April the Linwood Community Centre at the corner of Worcester and England streets will be open all day (and night) to help celebrate International Tabletop Day.

As a result, I have a series of games already lined up for it such as Carcassonne, Jamaica, Ticket to Ride, Inkognito, and Firefly, and there will be plenty of others that people bring along too.

The main theme behind of Saturday next week  as Wil Wheaton puts it, is to play more games!



Ticket to Ride: Europe