A Euro-game nirvana at Toy World is found, plans for a erst home visit are delayed, and some fancy board games are explored.

Euro games at Toy World

This morning I stopped in to Toy World at Tower Junction to pick up Munchkin for next week’s Tabletop Day, where I discover that they have a very large selection of Euro-style games. After finding an armful of games from my to buy list including Alhambra, Stone Age and Resistance, I realised that I need to be more financially responsible (read: I need to ensure I can still pay rent), so I left with just the Munchkin game instead.

Rest home visit delayed

Plans from there were to visit my aunt in the rest home but while getting some soft jubes for her, issues cropped up putting a stop to those plans.

I realised that I hadn’t yet deposited the food co-op money, and going to visit my aunt near lunch time is likely to result in a wait while that finishes. I couldn’t risk that due to a cross-town trek back home get it and then be out to the bank before their 2 PM close, so that all had to be done right away. Not keen on making another cross-town trek because I’ll be crossing again tomorrow, I plan to stop in tomorrow instead.

Board games

After getting everything at the bank sorted out, a few of next week’s games are trialled out at the community centre, and things go really well. Jamaica is easy to play, and even Firefly that I was at first hesitant about and is a lot to take in at first, went well with a fan of the series, and we look forward to further plays.

The evening was spent introducing Felix to some of the games too, such as Love Letter, Jamaica, and Carcassonne expansions including the Builders & Traders expansion, and the Dragon & the Princess expansion, which seemed to go well on an upgraded 200-scoring track too. The additional things that you can get and download from BoardGameGeek do become quite useful.