Today I found time to visit my aunt, and caught an interesting documentary about how the Living Dead movies got started.

Visiting aunt

After the issues from yesterday preventing me from realistically making it over there, I finally make it out to St Allisa in Riccarton to visit my aunt. She’s 84 years old and frail, but still has her wits about her.

It’s a bit of a rabbit warren in there, for it seems to have at least three communal rooms and plenty of corridors branching off, but after making it past the lower common room and up some flights of stairs then through another common room, and out to one of the branching corridors, I found her room to be down a random corridor, around the corner, and all the way down at the end.

I was carrying the Firefly board game in a bag with me, for there’s no good place to store it on the bike, and that and the upcoming Tabletop Games day became a topic of interest, along with a wide range of other topics, such as after the small quake we had today her thoughts went back to her involvement in the Napier quake.

For some reason too we got on to things of a religious nature, for she thinks that I have all the hallmarks of, and would make for a good Christian, which prompted a good discussion about things of that nature. It’s something that I’m not going to get involved with though for it would be under false pretences due to my not finding much of anything all that compelling about church or religion.


Birth of the Living Dead

Tonight I ended up catching an excellent documentary called Birth of the Living Dead (2013) about John Romero and the making of Night of the Living Dead (1968), which is an excellent portrayal of the people involved and the issues both racial and political that was going on at the time.

Afterwards, we tried watching a less than stellar movie called Down and Dangerous (2013) which even though it was a drugs-based movie with DEA and all sorts, it wasn’t all that interesting to watch, so we moved on to more tasteful fare and carried on watching the Psychoville (2009) tv series (all 7 episodes), for which I’ll have something to say with more vigour about it tomorrow.