It’s been a crazy day today, what with banning a troublemaker from community lunches, and the newsletters are back in action.

Trouble at mill community centre

Someone at the community centre has been causing trouble as of late during the Thursday community lunches, and when she was in today things came to a head as attempts by her to get an emotional rise from someone was successful. Shortly thereafter a meeting was held about and between the two with higher-ups involved, with myself too as man on the ground, witness of events, and all around good guy.

It’s a simple situation, with some older women behaving like children with each other. Someone moves a chair and another person falls to the ground with soccer-like cries of anguish, with everyone who witnessed the event knowing full well that they’re faking it. The trouble is that I was one of the witnesses to the fake-out, and as a result it’s been highly noticeable that lies have been going around about the events that occurred.

She’s been banned from several places already and we’re not keen on supporting such an action, because that’s just going to be proof to her that she’s worthless, so as a result she’s been given an ultimatum, of being asked her to apologise to the person today that she upset today and after that she’ll be welcome to come back to join us at the community lunch. I don’t know if she can grow up and accept just a smidgen of humble pie, but the onus is on her now to deal with things.

I also think that I’m falling for a girl or at least we’re becoming close friends, or she sees potential in a possible future for us and is helping things along – or something of that mollusc. Through the above issues my friend Niggy has been put through the wringer, and when we were deconstructing the meeting with other staff members afterwards it certainly felt good to comfort her as she was crying in my arms, but the situation that caused this is not the kind that I’m keen to see repeated.


The newsletters came in this afternoon for folding and such-like, which provided a well-appreciated break from the troubles earlier. We’re still delivering them on a street-by-street basis though instead of the usual by-the-block method, for some of the locals here can have trouble understanding certain concepts.

At least issues with partial newsletter distribution to Linwood Ave are going to be a thing of the past, now that we have that street as a dedicated new section of the deliveries.