Further preperations for Tabletop Day occur, and yet another game called The Resistance is acquired to help flesh out the collection.

Tabletop Day items from Toy World

[ed: whoops, this has been languishing as a draft since yesterday]

This morning it was straight on in again to Toy World to pick up a few more things for Tabletop Day, including The Resistance, level dice for Munchkin, and a proper dinosaur for Firefly, instead of the cardboard one.

This makes for 7 tabletop games that I’ve purchased within the past week, which is certainly enough for now.

  • The Resistance
  • Love Letter
  • Munchkin
  • Ticket to Ride: Europe
  • Inkognito
  • Jamaica
  • Firefly

Along with Carcassonne, they’re all at the top of their class, and after having been exposed to a wide range of interesting games at board games night these are the ones that I keep coming back to time and time again. Even with Ticket to Ride it’s enjoyable in its own right, but is more useful as a stepping stone to introduce people to euro games and get them interested in checking out other ones.

Not much more preparation will be wanted now – just a few placards for winner/loser photos which can be done at Angus Donaldson’s, some protective sleeves for game cards from Comics Compulsion, and we’ll be pretty much all set for a good day on Saturday.