TableTop Day is here

Finally after a week of on-off preparation the day is here – International TableTop Day where people come by to share in and experience great games.

I had a range of great games from my collection, including:

  • Carcassonne – a tile-laying game set in Southern France, with knights, thieves, monks, and farmers
  • Love Letter – where you are competing with others for the affection of the princess
  • Ticket to Ride: Europe – where you compete to complete routes between different ticket destinations
  • Jamaica – a gorgeous pirate boat race with a challenging mechanic for choosing your actions
  • Inkognito – you are spies in Venice, and must find your partner cluedo-style and complete a secret mission
  • The Resistance – where you have spies in your team and must ferret them out using deduction to succeed
  • Munchkin – a satirical card game where you fight monsters, take their treasure, and backstab other players
  • Firefly – a thematic game for all Firefly fans, where you run jobs and compete to complete different story goals


Love Letter

Ticket to Ride: Europe



The Resistance



The day was a big success and introducing some people to these games was definitely challenging at times, but the number of compliments about how well we were doing at helping even the hardest to learn people really goes a long way.

Big props go out to Andrew too for bring along a range of his own games, including Shadow Hunters. His patience when teaching others how to play is commendable and strongly deserves to be recognised.