A 3-hour power cut occurs in Papanui, Redwood and St Albans, and the movie Open Grave is interesting but not without a few problems.

Papanui, Redwood, St Albans power cut

Yesterday at Greg’s we ended up having a strange time of things as a 3 hour power cut occurred, from about half past three through to half past 6. This put quite a dent in our planned entertainment, but we made do as best as reasonable.

On the Orion page it shows that there was a Papanui, Redwood and St Albans fault lasting 15 hours but affecting nobody, and a 7 minute outage that affected 984 customers. Those 7 minutes lasted for around 3 hours for us and our neighbour on Cranford Street. I think that someone’s doing more than a little bit of massaging of the numbers.

It was definitely before 4 PM when the power went out, for after spending 10-15 minutes checking things like the fuses and wondering about the neighbors and how wide-spread this may be, it was quarter to 4 and we tuned in to the radio waiting for the 4 o’Clock news about the event, but to find nothing helpful there.

Further details of how this affected people and the duration, can be found at The Press Facebook post about the outage where the power came back on just before 6:30 PM – so it seems that the 3 hours we were out of power are longest 7 minutes in the world.

We didn’t end up waiting around throughout the entire power cut though – the laptop has good batteries and was put to good use for half the outage, letting us enjoy some shows while we waited for power to return.

Open Grave

Open Grave (2013) is a movie that we put on after the power cut, and revolves around a man who wakes up in a pit of bodies in the wilderness, with no memory, and needs to figure out if the murderer is one of the strangers who rescued him that also have lost their memory, or if he himself is responsible.

Featuring Jonah (Sharlto Coplay) who we’ve seen in District 9, with unknown actors in the cast it became readily apparent that he has something called plot armor, where we can be sure that the known actor won’t be an early casualty.

It initially had promise, as a lot of questions are raised about who they are and how they’re related, in amongst some kind of zombie/rage virus problem that is spreading around. In the end though we find out that they were scientists working on a cure, and that a mute Chinese lady is immune and key to a solution, but Jonah ends up hiding in the pit again from soldiers cleaning up the area, and a note to him with important plot details ends up getting lost in there once more, ready for a sequel.