A head-on collision is narrowly escaped on the way home, and good videos for taking your go game learning another step further.

Dangerous roadworks accident

On the way home today I ended up in a near miss accident. On a no exit road thanks to road works, some stupid sod was going through a no entry section and I just so happened to be going around that same corner with not just right of way, but with an expectation that nobody would be there.

What happened next was an immediate departure from the road looking for the least dangerous exit from a head-on collision, and having to brake on a gravel surface in the rain, to avoid a collision with other surrounding terrain. Fortunately it was the back wheel that most of the braking went in to, and as the back wheel slid gracefully in to the gutter the bike fell not so gracefully to the footpath.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get the license plate of the red menace who was breaking the law, for when I picked myself up afterwards they had already made good their escape, but I certainly won’t be taking for granted that a one-way passage is going to be one-way from now on.

Go board game training videos

Due to the rain and the near collision on the way home, I wasn’t that keen on heading out tonight to participate in the weekly gaming group, so instead spent some good time going through recent Go videos from Nick Sibicky and Dwyrin, as a way of brushing up on some different ideas and techniques.