Today I’ve been trying out several different expansions for Carcassonne, and have been finding them to be quite interesting.


Today I’ve been trying out several different expansions all combined with the game Carcassonne, and they all work well together resulting in a complex and enjoyable strategy game.

Traders & Builders expansion

The traders and builders expansion comes with additional city tiles that give trade bonuses (wine, wheat, and fabric) that go to whoever completes the city, so it can easily be someone else other than that who has claimed the city that gets the bonuses. The person at the end of the game with the most of each type of trade bonus ends up with additional bonus points.

The builder is an additional follower that you can place on to an already claimed road or city, that results in an extra move for you whenever you extend or complete them, which can end up being quite beneficial.

The last thing that this expansion comes with is a pig for each player that is played beside a farmer, resulting in an extra point for each completed city that the farmer can get to at the end of the game.

I’ll have to take this expansion back for an exchange though, for the grey player is missing a pig and has an additional builder that they shouldn’t have.

The Princess and the Dragon expansion

The princess appears on additional city tiles for the game, and when added to a city allows you to remove someone’s follower from that city, which can be used quite strategically. The Dragon turns up on additional volcano tiles, and moves when tiles with a dragon icon appears, eating any followers on the tiles. It’s movement is controlled by all the players, where each player in turn moves it for a total of 6 moves, to tiles that it hasn’t moved to yet this round. This can result in not a little bit of shouting, as people try to convince others to move it away from where they have followers on the table.

A fairy also comes with the game, that players can move to one of their city followers. This protects that follower from the dragon, and at the start of each turn they gain a bonus point for having the fairy. This can result in the fairy moving about frequently as people try to obtain regular bonus points, and when the dragon is near someone’s city the fairy becomes a big favourite for protection.

Lastly with this expansion come magic portal tiles that let you place a follower on to any uncompleted feature of the board. This is an excellent addition, for sometimes you’ll place a tile and not have any followers left to place on there. The magic portal allows you to return back to such tiles later on when you have retrieved some followers, and place one on there before your opponent gets the opportunity to if they draw a tile with a magic portal themself.