Last legs for noble mansion

Today I went over with Henry to take a look at an old mansion that he grew up in over in Naseby Street, which was the third house built in Christchurch, and our first two-storey home.

We tried using an iOS app called RoomScan where you place your tablet/phone on walls in the room and it uses the accelerometer to determine where the walls are. Sadly though despite several trials beforehand, it just doesn’t seem to be able to properly capture even the hallway of the place. Maybe it’s because I was using a tablet and not the easier to manipulate phone. Whatever it was, other solutions will have to be explored.

Sadly now the roof is all but gone now and some rooms have the floorboards taken out, and it’s all but ready to be taken down – but I can tell that it really was quite the noble old place in its time.

Run Lola Run

Tonight it was off to Helen’s place in Burnside where I’m supplying the Run Lola Run DVD, which I finally last year replaced from Penny Lane records, after an ex- flatmate several years before sold off my collection. Sadly though, I haven’t had the opportunity to watch it and now tonight, I find that it’s the fully German edition, with no English subtitles. Just good old German-on-German action, which was a bugger because several people were there wanting to enjoy it.

So as an alternative, we took a look at a few things that Helen had and her daughter had left Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, which was nearly as good as what we were going to watch, and was definitely superior to my initial Run Lola Run voice-overs to help people understand what was going on.