Tiny Epic Kingdoms – in full colour

After yesterday’s playtest using a coloured-in pencil version of the game, it played so well that I’m jumping for a full colour version of it. So it was down to the local Warehouse Stationary today with the print-and-play version from the developer and proof of permission that I’m allowed to use this copyright material. Such proof wasn’t needed in the end though as surprisingly, they went ahead with no troubles at all.

As I’ve been doing quite a bit of cutting things out lately, it was also a good chance to get a decent cutting board, for there’s likely to be further need for such a thing in time to come.

After getting the new full colour cut out, it’s a lot more effective than the hand-coloured version, and all that needs to be done now to is to organise for some D12’s to act as war dice, and hopefully small coloured cubes to act as indicators of food, ore, mana, etc.