Today I get involved with contract negotiations for a website, and make some game tokens from some dowling.

Website contract

This morning I had a good meeting with Rod about creating a website for his church. Before finalising things on the contract though we found that his surname is not the same as his wife’s, so instead of Smith we should be using Routledge there instead. After going over the rest of the proposal and getting an updated one printed out for us, signing off on it was an easy affair.

Now there’s just the matter of finances to sort out, half now and I can get started developing things for the site, and half later when done.

Dowling for creating tokens

After the computing help that I give at Te Whare Roimata, it was off to try to source some small cubes about 5-8mm in size that I can paint up to use as resource indicators for a personal version of Tiny Epic Kingdoms that I’m creating. Sadly nothing like the small cubes from meeplesource have been found, so as an alternative I’m going to go with small discs instead cut from some dowling. After the discs have been cut, sanded, and painted, they should act as a very suitable replacement.

Disc tokens cut from dowling

Disc tokens cut from dowling

Cutting out the discs with a handsaw was today’s work, and some initial sanding has occurred this evening. Tomorrow I’ll be able to get them finished off and painted, when I head down to the art gallery to help with their finances.