Today I realise that I could have got some cubes from meeplesource, before making my own tokens.

Selection of coloured cubes from meeplesource

After cutting out several discs yesterday from dowling to act as tokens, I realised today that at Mitre 10 I could have gone with some larger square dowling and asked to have the bandsaw cut it lengthwise into quarters. Or failing that, I could order coloured cubes from meeplesource. The only trouble there though is that they come in at a shipping cost that’s larger than what I’m ordering.

Meeples from meeplesource

The good thing though is that you can order them separately in a range of numbers, so it’s possible to put together a collection of these differently coloured cubes and meeples, to be used for whatever purpose you desire.

Still – after heading down to the art gallery to help the art gallery with their income paperwork, the painted tokens are looking good, and aer staying there overnight to dry off properly. I’ll head back first thing in the morning to pick them, and get them finished off by lacquering them with a protective coat.