Homemade tokens for Tiny Epic Kingdoms are completed, a website contract begins, and True Detective has some great talent behind it.

Homemade tokens for Tiny Epic Kingdoms

Today was a good chance to get things finished off with those tokens for a Tiny Epic Kingdoms. After a play-through though, I realised that an additional token will be required to track each player’s progress on the tower, so another set of coloured tokens is being made now for the central tower.

Tiny Epic Kingdoms, with meeples and resource indicators

Tiny Epic Kingdoms, with meeples and homemade resource indicators

Website work

Negotiations in regard to the Presbyterian church website have been successful, so now materials for the website can be written up and a development version of it can tomorrow start to be set up. I can see that much of my spare time at the community centre is going to be spent working on their website now. Still – I’ll also no doubt work in the occasional board game to pass the time.

Investigating True Detective

A favourite tv show called True Detective has resulted in a desire to find other good works from people related to the show.

The writer/creator Nic Pizzolatto is a novelist that hasn’t done any other major tv/movie work before, but his books Between Here and the Yellow Sea and Galveston are certainly going to be worth checking out.

The director of the show Cary Fukunaga hasn’t done much else beforehand either. Notable previous works are Sin Nombre which mixes together two central american stories of the gang world and Hondurans making their way to a border crossing, and Jane Eyre which is a beautifully filmed and haunting rendition of the classic novel.

Looking elsewhere at the producers of True Detective, there are a large number of executive producers, but the main producer is Carol Cuddy who has been involved with a wide range of decent movies, including a very nice recent one called Chinese Puzzle that I must introduce other people to at some stage.

And also with Matthew McConaughey – he’s come a long way from his stereotyped romcom days. Most notable of his breakout is the movie Mud, where two young boys help him as a fugitive to evade vigilantes that are on his tail.

Sometimes with great shows it’s not known why lighting strikes, but it’s a pretty sure bet that it’s due to a wide variety of great talents coming together from different disciplines.