Today’s community lunch is Rachel’s last day, creating a website development area, and the April book group meeting went well resulting in lots of worthwhile books to checkout and explore.

Farewell to Rachel

It was a busy day today – for while getting things ready for today’s community lunch, it was also the last day for Rachel who has been running the place which falls to me now, so farewell cards and getting comments on them from people has been the order of the day.

Afterwards a farewell party was held, with speeches and singing, lots of singing from the whanau, which was strange for she’s African and seemed puzzled by some of the fuss, but it was all taken in good spirit.

Afterwards as the weather closed in, we realised that the food co-op bank wouldn’t be open tomorrow due to the Easter holiday being held over the long weekend, so it was a mad dash organising things so that the banking could get done at the end of today.

No time for tokens

Sadly due to the business of today there was no time was available to head down to the art gallery to finish up the last of some tokens for Tiny Epic Kingdoms. Fortunately though there are alternatives solutions, such as using the 5th player tokens, if 5 people are playing to then use an extra meeple or other smaller character from one of Carcassonne’s expansions to fit the bill instead.

Creating a development area

Fortunately though I did manage to find some time locally to work on the Presbyterian church website, which resulted in a development server being installed on my laptop, a virtual host within which to develop the site, and an installation of Joomla for a fresh clean start to things.

Installing Joomla wasn’t as easy as it used to be though, for creating virtual host requires granting permission to the windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts file for the user to make changes to it, and even worse, creating the databases during the Joomla installation results in things timing out and not progressing after 30 seconds.

Updating the hosts file security settings was easy enough, and the Joomla trouble just required changing the 30 second timeout to around 200 seconds instead. After making those changes things installed well but it could be a lot easier to get started with developing such things. Still, things were underway and after reverting those settings back to how they began, I’m in a good place to start working on the website itself.

April book group

Due to the encroaching weather, I headed out with Felix tonight to the book club at Gail’s place in Bishopdale tonight. It was a fairly loose affair but quite a few good and interesting things were coming up in conversation, and eventually we settled down to find out what everyone had been exploring over the past month.

A list of what we covered can be found in book group – 2014-04-17.pdf, complete with links through to a relevant webpage about them too, including movies and tv shows, and other things of interest that came up in conversation.

I was glad to not take my scooter out in this weather, and thanks to the generous use of Gail’s wifi, was able to put together the list on the fly throughout the evening on my tablet so that a pdf version could be sent out to everyone as soon as I got back home.