Initially I would go to local stores to buy board games, such as Whitcoulls, Toy World, and Comics Compulsion, but today I have been researching better prices from local online websites.

Board game prices

The prices from websites I’ve found can vary quite wildly. For example, right now Ra: The Dice Game is available from for the total of $58.49, whereas over at fishpond they list the same game at $101.00

Fishpond isn’t all to blame though, for they have the best price on Eldritch Horror for $74.97, whereas MightyApe list it for 89.99

So as a result, I’ve been shopping around for the following games:

  • 7 Wonders
  • Alhambra: Big Box
  • Eldritch Horror
  • Flash Point: Fire Rescue
  • Power Grid
  • Ra: The Dice Game
  • Shadow Hunters
  • Stone Age

After looking around several websites and doing some research, I’ve found that the best places to obtain games in New Zealand seem to be from three different websites, those being Fishpond, NZGameShop, and iQ Toys. You can’t always tell where the good prices are going to be, so shopping around is always beneficial.

Some sites also give you tools that can help you out too. NZGameShop can give you a price drop notification when something has fallen to your own desired price level, and iQ Toys goes even one better. At iQ Toys they ask you to tell them where you’ve seen a better price, from which they may make you a better offer on it.