Today preparations occur for a local ANZAC Concert, and a missing wallet needs some preparation too.

ANZAC Concert

Today the art gallery was holding an ANZAC Concert, and though I couldn’t attend I was called upon to help out with printing out some lyrics for such as Auld Lang Syne and Pokarikari Ana.

A guitar case had been left at the community centre from the Thursday send off for Rachel too. When I was asked if the guitar was there, some excitement occurred when I said that it felt empty, but on opening up sure enough it was there, so a quick trip enabled it to get to the gallery in time.

Missing wallet

My wallet went missing when leaving Eastgate on Saturday. Someone behind me had me pull over to tell me that it fell from my pocket at the previous corner, but on backtracking a few times it had already gone missing.

It was reported to the mall office immediately, and now after a reasonable amount of time has passed for people to hand it in, it’s time to make arrangements for a replacement. This means organising things like a birth certificate which can’t be found, and a passport that is now expired. Tomorrow at the bank should be fun.